Accepted Papers

Title Authors
A Consumer-Good-Type Aware Itemset Placement Framework for Retail Businesses Raghav Mittal (Ashoka University)*; Anirban Mondal (Ashoka University); Krishna Reddy P (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad)
A Dynamic and Task-independent Reward Shaping Approach for Discrete Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes Sepideh Nahali (York University)*; Hajer Ayadi (york university); Jimmy Huang (” York University, Canada”); Esmat Pakizeh (Kharazmi Univerity); Mir Mohsen Pedram (Kharazmi University); Leila Safari (Zanjan University)
A Global view-Guided Autoregressive Residual Network for Irregular Time Series Classification Jianping Zhu (Dalian University of Technology)*; Haocheng Tang (Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences); Tianze Chen (Dalian University of Technology); Liang Zhang (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics); Bo Jin (Dalian University of Technology); Yi Xu (Institute of Automation Chinese Academy of Sciences); Xiaopeng Wei (Dalian University of Technology)
A Graph Contrastive Learning Framework with Adaptive Augmentation and Encoding for Unaligned Views Yifu Guo (HeiLongjiang University)*; Yong Liu (HeiLongJiang University)
A Multi-player MAB Approach for Distributed Selection Problems Jinyu Mo (College of Computer Science, Chongqing University); Hong Xie (Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)*
A Non-Parametric Bayesian Decision Trees for Uplift Modeling Mina RAFLA (Orange Labs)*; nicolas Voisine (Orange); Bruno Cremilleux (Université de Caen Normandie)
A Novel Explainable Link Forecasting Framework for Temporal Knowledge Graphs using Time-relaxed Cyclic and Acyclic Rules Abinash Maharana (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad)*; R.Uday Kiran (University of Aizu); Krishna Reddy P (International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad)
A Relational Instance-based Clustering Method with Contrastive Learning for Open Relation Extraction Xiaoge Li (Xi’an university of posts and telecommunications)*; Dayuan Guo (Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications); Tiantian Wang (Shandong University)
A Thompson Sampling Approach to Unifying Causal Inference and Bandit Learning Hanxuan Xu (Chongqing University); Hong Xie (Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)*
Accelerating Stochastic Newton Method via Chebyshev Polynomial Approximation Fan Sha (East China Normal University)*; Jianyu Pan (East China Normal University)
Achieving Counterfactual Fairness for Anomaly Detection Xiao Han (Utah State University)*; Lu Zhang (University of Arkansas); Yongkai Wu (Clemson University); Shuhan Yuan (Utah State University)
Achieving Provable Byzantine Fault-Tolerance in a Semi-honest Federated Learning Setting Xinxing Tang (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)*; Hanlin Gu (HKUST); Lixin Fan (WeBank); Qiang Yang (Hong Kong UST)
Adaptive Bi-Nonlinear Neural Networks Based on Complex Numbers with Weights Constrained along the Unit Circle Felip Guimerà Cuevas (BMW + LMU)*; Thomy Phan (LMU Munich); Helmut Schmid (CIS, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität)
Adaptive View-aligned and Feature Augmentation Network for Partially View-aligned Clustering Xianchao Zhang (Dalian University of Technology); Mengyan Chen (Dalian University of Technology); Jie Mu (Dongbei University of Finance and Economics); Linlin Zong (Dalian University of Technology)*
Adversarial Active Learning with Guided BERT Feature Encoding Linsey Pang (Salesforce)*; kexin xie (Salesforce); Yuxi Zhang (Salesforce inc); Max Fleming (Salesforce); Damian Xu (Salesforce); Wei Liu (University of Technology Sydney)
Aggregately Diversified Bundle Recommendation via Popularity Debiasing and Configuration-aware Reranking Hyunsik Jeon (Seoul National University)*; Jongjin Kim (Seoul National University); Jaeri Lee (Seoul National University); Jong-eun Lee (Seoul National University); U Kang (Seoul National University)
Alignment-aware Word Distance Guoliang Zhao (Peking University); Jinglei Zhang (Peking University)*; Dongdong Du (China Academy of Industrial Internet); Qing Gao (Peking University); Shujun Lin (Institute for Global Health and Development, Peking University ); Xiongfeng Xiao (Peking University); Yupeng Wu (Peking University)
An Effective WGAN-based Anomaly detection Model for IoT Multivariate Time Series Sibo Qi (Xihua University); Juan Chen (Xihua University); Peng Chen (Xihua University)*; Peian Wen (Xihua university); Wenyu Shan (Xihua university); Ling Xiong (Xihua university)
An Extended Variational Mode Decomposition Algorithm Developed Speech Emotion Recognition Performance David Hason Rudd (University of Technology Sydney)*; Huan Huo (University of Technology Sydney); Guandong Xu (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
An Improved Visual Assessment With Data-Dependent Kernel for Stream Clustering Baojie Zhang (Xi’an Shiyou University); Yang Cao (Deakin University); YE ZHU (Deakin University)*; Sutharshan Rajasegarar (Deakin University); Gang Liu (Harbin Engineering University); Hong Xian Li (Deakin University ); Maia Angelova (Deakin University); Gang Li (Deakin Univeristy, Australia)
Anti-Money Laundering in Cryptocurrency via Multi-Relational Graph Neural Network Woochang Hyun (Seoul National University)*; Jaehong Lee (Seoul National University); Bongwon Suh (Seoul National University)
BAARD: Blocking Adversarial Examples by Testing for Applicability, Reliability and Decidability Xinglong Chang (The University of Auckland)*; Katharina Dost (University of Auckland); Kaiqi Zhao (University of Auckland); Ambra Demontis (University of Cagliari ); Fabio Roli (Italy); Gillian Dobbie (“Univ. of Auckland, New Zealand”); Jörg Wicker (The University of Auckland)
Bayesian Optimization over Mixed Type Inputs with Encoding Methods Zhihao Liu (Department of Information Systems and Management Engineering, Southern University of Science and Technology)*; Weiming Ou (Southern University of Science and Technology); Songhao Wang (Southern University of Science and Technology)
BeamAttack: Generating High-quality Textual Adversaries through Beam Search and Mixed Semantic Spaces Hai Zhu (University of Science and Technology of China)*; Qingyang Zhao (Xidian University); yuren wu (Ping An Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.)
BioSequence2Vec: Efficient Embedding Generation For Biological Sequences Sarwan Ali (Georgia State University)*; Usama Sardar (LUMS); Murray D Patterson (Georgia State University); Imdadullah Khan (Lahore University of Management Sciences)
Cascaded Latent Diffusion Models for High-Resolution Chest X-ray Synthesis Tobias Weber (LMU Munich)*; Michael Ingrisch (Department of Radiology, University Hospital, LMU ); Bernd Bischl (LMU Munich); David Ruegamer (LMU Munich)
CeFlow: A Robust and Efficient Counterfactual Explanation Framework for Tabular Data using Normalizing Flows Tri Dung Duong (University of Technology Sydney)*; Qian Li (Curtin University); Guandong Xu (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
Compressing the Embedding Matrix By a Dictionary Screening Approach in Text Classification Jing Zhou (Renmin University of China)*; Xinru Jing (Renmin University of China); Muyu Liu (Renmin University of China); Hansheng Wang (Peking University)
CondTraj-GAN: Conditional Sequential GAN for Generating Synthetic Vehicle Trajectories Nils Henke (Volkswagen AG)*; Shimon Wonsak (Volkswagen); Prasenjit Mitra (The Pennsylvania State University); Michael Nolting (Volkswagen AG); Nicolas Tempelmeier (Volkswagen AG)
Constrained Portfolio Management using Action Space Decomposition for Reinforcement Learning David Winkel (LMU Munich)*; Niklas A Strauß (LMU Munich); Matthias Schubert (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München); Yunpu Ma (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München); Thomas Seidl (LMU Munich)
Continuously Predicting the Completion of a Time Intervals Related Pattern Nevo Itzhak (Ben-Gurion University)*; Szymon Jaroszewicz (Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences); Robert Moskovitch (Ben-Gurion University)
CopyCAT: Masking Strategy Conscious Augmented Text for Machine Generated Text Detection Chien Liang Liu (National Cheng Kung University)*; Hung-Yu Kao (National Cheng Kung University)
cPNN: Continuous Progressive Neural Networks for Evolving Streaming Time Series Federico Giannini (Politecnico di Milano)*; Giacomo Ziffer (Politecnico di Milano); Emanuele Della Valle (Politecnico di Milano)
Data-dependent and scale-invariant kernel for Support Vector Machine classification Vinayaka Vivekananda Malgi (Deakin University)*; Sunil Aryal (Deakin University); Zafaryab Rasool (Deakin University); David Tay (Deakin University)
Deep Graph Stream SVDD: Anomaly Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems Ehtesamul Azim (University of Central Florida)*; Dongjie Wang (University of Central Florida); Yanjie Fu (University of Central Florida)
Defending Against Backdoor Attacks by Layer-wise Feature Analysis Najeeb Jebreel (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)*; Josep Domingo-Ferrer (Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Catalonia); Yiming Li (Tsinghua University)
Discovering Geo-referenced Frequent Patterns in Uncertain Geo-referenced Transactional Databases Likhitha Palla (University of Aizu)*; Veena Pamalla (SBRIT college); Uday Kiran RAGE (The University of Aizu); Koji Zettsu (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology )
Disentangled Representation with Causal Constraints for Counterfactual Fairness Ziqi Xu (University of South Australia)*; Jixue Liu (University of South Australia); Debo Cheng (University of South Australia); Jiuyong Li (University of South Australia); Lin Liu (University of South Australia); Ke Wang (SFU)
Diversely Regularized Matrix Factorization for Accurate and Aggregately Diversified Recommendation Jongjin Kim (Seoul National University)*; Hyunsik Jeon (Seoul National University); Jaeri Lee (Seoul National University); U Kang (Seoul National University)
DKFM: Dual Knowledge-guided Fusion Model for Drug Recommendation Yankai Tian (Dalian Maritime University); Yijia Zhang (Dalian Maritime University)*; Xingwang Li (Dalian Maritime University); Mingyu Lu (Information Science and Technology College)
Document-level Relation Extraction with Cross-sentence Reasoning Graph Hongfei Liu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)*; Zhao Kang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Lizong Zhang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Ling Tian (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Fujun Hua (Research and Development Center TROY Information Technology Co., Ltd. Chengdu, China)
Dual-Detector: An Unsupervised Learning Framework for Chinese Spelling Check Feiran Shao (University of Science and Technology of China)*; Jinlong Li (USTC-Birmingham Joint Research Institution in Intelligent Computation and Its Applications (UBRI) School of Computer Science and Technology, University of Science and Technology of China)
Dynamic Multi-View Fusion Mechanism For Chinese Relation Extraction yang jing (National University of Defense Technology)*; bin ji (National University of Defense Technology); Shasha Li (National University of Defense Technology); Jun Ma (National University of Defense Technology); Jie Yu (National University of Defense Technology)
Dynamic Variable Dependency Encoding and Its Application on Change Point Detection Hao Huang ()*; Shinjae Yoo (BNL)
Dynamically-Scaled Deep Canonical Correlation Analysis Tomer Friedlander (Tel Aviv University)*; Lior Wolf (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
Enhanced Topic Modeling with Multi-modal Representation Learning Duoyi Zhang (Queensland University of Technology); Yue Wang (Queensland University of Technology)*; Md Abul Bashar (Queensland University of Technology); Richi Nayak (Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane)
Enhancing Federated Learning Robustness using Data-Agnostic Model Pruning Mark Huasong Meng (National University of Singapore)*; Singee Teo (I2R); Guangdong Bai (University of Queensland); Kailong Wang (National University of Singapore); Jin Song Dong (National University of Singapore)
Enhancing Robustness of Prototype with Attentive Information Guided Alignment in Few-Shot Classification Taehyung Kim (Korea Univ.)*; Woo-Jeoung Nam (Kyungpook National University); Seong-Whan Lee (Korea University)
Estimating the Risk of Individual Discrimination of Classifiers Jonathan Vasquez (George Mason University)*; Xavier Gitiaux (George Mason University); Huzefa Rangwala (George Mason University)
Exploiting Phrase Interrelations in Span-level Neural Approaches for Aspect Sentiment Triplet Extraction Iwo Naglik (Poznan University of Technology); Mateusz Lango (Poznan University of Technology)*
F3: Fair and Federated Face Attribute Classification with Heterogeneous Data Samhita Kanaparthy (Machine Learning Lab, International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad); Manisha Padala (Machine Learning Lab, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad)*; Sankarshan Damle (Machine Learning Lab, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad); Ravi Kiran Sarvadevabhatla (IIIT Hyderabad); Sujit Gujar (Machine Learning Laboratory, International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad)
Fair Healthcare Rationing to Maximize Dynamic Utilities Aadityan Ganesh (Chennai Mathematical Institute); Pratik Ghosal (Chennai Mathematical Institute); Vishwa Prakash HV (Chennai Mathematical Institute); Prajakta Nimbhorkar (Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai)*
Fairness for Robust Learning to Rank Omid Memarrast (University of Illinois at Chicago)*; Ashkan Rezaei (University of Illinois at Chicago); Rizal Fathony (Grab); Brian Ziebart (UIC)
Fake News Detection Through Temporally Evolving User Interactions Shuzhi Gong (The University of Melbourne)*; Richard Sinnott (University of Melbourne); Jianzhong Qi (The University of Melbourne); Cecile Paris (CSIRO)
Fast and Attributed Change Detection on Dynamic Graphs with Density of States Shenyang Huang (Mila/McGill University)*; Jacob Danovitch (MILA); Guillaume Rabusseau (Mila – Université de Montréal); Reihaneh Rabbany (McGill University)
Federated Learning under Statistical Heterogeneity on Riemannian Manifold Adnan Ahmad (Deakin University)*; Wei Luo (Deakin University); Antonio Robles-Kelly (Deakin University)
Few-shot human motion prediction for heterogeneous sensors Rafael Rego Drumond (Universität Hildesheim); Lukas Brinkmeyer (Universität Hildesheim)*; Lars Schmidt-Thieme (University of Hildesheim)
Generative Sentiment Transfer via Adaptive Masking Yingze Xie (Beijing Foreign Studies University)*; Jie Xu (Beijing Foreign Studies University ); Liqiang Qiao (Beijing Foreign Studies University ); Yun Liu (Moutai Institue); Feiran Huang (Jinan University); Chaozhuo Li (Microsoft Research Asia)
Generative-Contrastive-Attentive Spatial-Temporal Network for Traffic Data Imputation Wenchuang Peng (Beijing Jiaotong University)*; Youfang Lin (Beijing Jiaotong University); Shengnan Guo (Beijing Jiaotong University); Weiwen Tang (Beijing JiaoTong University); Le Liu (Beijing Jiaotong University ); Huaiyu Wan (Beijing Jiaotong University)
Global-Aware External Attention Deep Model for Sequential Recommendation Tianxing Wang (Griffith University)*; Can Wang (Griffith University)
GroupMixNorm Layer for Learning Fair Models Anubha Pandey (Mastercard)*; Aditi Rai (Mastercard); Maneet Singh (Mastercard, India); Deepak Bhatt (Mastercard); TANMOY BHOWMIK (Mastercard)
GTEA: Representation Learning for Temporal Interaction Graphs via Edge Aggregation Siyue Xie (The Chinese University of Hongkong)*; Yiming LI (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Da Sun Handason Tam (The Chinese University of Hongkong); Xiaxin Liu (Tencent Technology Co.Ltd); Qiu Fang Ying (Tencent Technology Co.Ltd); Wing Cheong Lau (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Dah Ming M. Chiu (Chinese University of Hong Kong); Shou Zhi Chen (Tencent Technology Co. Ltd)
Hierarchical Graph Neural Network for Patient Treatment Preference Prediction with External Knowledge Quan Li (Pennsylvania State University)*; Lingwei Chen (Wright State University); Yong Cai (IQVIA Inc.); Dinghao Wu (Pennsylvania State University)
Improving Knowledge Graph Entity Alignment with Graph Augmentation Feng Xie (National University of Defense Technology)*; Xiang Zeng (National University of Defense Technology); Bin Zhou (National University of Defense Technology); yusong tan (College of Computer, National University of Defense Technology)
Improving Machine Translation and Summarization with the Sinkhorn Divergence Shijie Li (University of Technology Sydney)*; Inigo Jauregi (Rozetta Technology); MASSIMO PICCARDI (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)
Inline Citation Classification using Peripheral Context and Time-evolving Augmentation Priyanshi Gupta (IIIT Delhi); Yash Kumar Atri (IIIT Delhi)*; Apurva Nagvenkar (Crimson AI); Sourish Dasgupta (DAIICT, Gandhinagar); Tanmoy Chakraborty (IIT Delhi, India)
Interactive Pattern Mining using Discriminant Sub-patterns as Dynamic Features Arnold Hien (University of Caen Normandy); Samir Loudni (TASC (LS2N-CNRS), IMT Atlantique)*; Noureddine Aribi (University of Oran); Abdelkader Ouali (University of Caen Normandy); Albrecht Zimmermann (Université de Caen Normandie)
Interest Driven Graph Structure Learning for Session-Based Recommendation Huachi Zhou (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)*; Shuang Zhou (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Keyu Duan (NUS); Xiao Huang (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Qiaoyu Tan (Texas A&M University); Zailiang Yu (Zhejiang Lab)
Interpretability Meets Generalizability: A Hybrid Machine Learning System to Identify Nonlinear Granger Causality in Global Stock Indices Yixiao Lu (The University of Auckland)*; Yokiu Lee (University of Auckland ); Haoran Feng (University of Auckland); Johnathan C Leung (University of Auckland); Alvin Cheung (The University of Auckland); Katharina Dost (University of Auckland); Katerina Taskova (The University of Auckland); Thomas Lacombe (The University of Auckland)
Inverse Problem of Censored Markov Chain: Estimating Markov Chain Parameters from Censored Transition Data Masahiro Kohjima (NTT Corporation)*; Takeshi Kurashima (NTT Corporation); Hiroyuki Toda (NTT)
Isotropic Representation Can Improve Dense Retrieval Euna Jung (Seoul National University); Jungwon Park (Seoul National University); Jaekeol Choi (Seoul National University); Sungyoon Kim (Seoul National University); Wonjong Rhee (Seoul National University)*
ItrievalKD: An Iterative Retrieval Framework Assisted with Knowledge Distillation for Noisy Text-to-Image Retrieval Zhen Liu (University of Science and Technology of China)*; Yongxin Zhu (University of Science and Technology of China); Zhujin Gao (University of Science and Technology of China); Xin Sheng (University of Science and Technology of China); Linli Xu (University of Science and Technology of China)
Joint Latent Topic Discovery and Expectation Modeling for Financial Markets Lili Wang (Dartmouth College)*; Chenghan Huang (Millennium Management Llc); Chongyang Gao (Dartmouth College); Weicheng Ma (Dartmouth College); Soroush Vosoughi (Dartmouth College)
kNN-Embed: Locally Smoothed Embedding Mixtures For Multi-interest Candidate Retrieval Ahmed El-Kishky (Twitter)*; Thomas Markovich (Twitter); Kenny Leung (Twitter); Frank Portman (Twitter); Aria Haghighi (Twitter); Ying Xiao (Twitter)
Knowledge-Enhanced Hierarchical Transformers for Emotion-Cause Pair Extraction Yuwei Wang (Hefei University of Technology); Yuling Li (Hefei University of Technology); Kui Yu (School of Computer and Information, Hefei University of Technology)*; Yimin Hu (Institute of Intelligent Machines, Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Knowledge-Enhanced Prototypical Network with Structural Semantics for Few-Shot Relation Classification Yanhu Li (East China Normal University)*; taolin zhang (East China Normal University); Dongyang Li (East China Normal University); Xiaofeng He (East China Normal University)
Label Distribution Learning with Discriminative Instance Mapping Heng-Ru Zhang (Southwest Petroleum University)*; Run-Ting Bai (Southwest Petroleum University); Wen-Tao Tang (Southwest Petroleum University)
Let the model make financial senses: a Text2Text generative approach for financial complaint idenfication Sarmistha Das (Indian Institute Of Technology, Patna)*; APOORVA SINGH (Indian Institute of Technology Patna); Raghav Jain (IIT Patna); Sriparna Saha (IIT Patna); Alka Maurya (Crisil Pvt. Ltd)
Leveraging Generative Models for Combating Adversarial Attacks on Tabular Datasets Jiahui Zhou (Xi’an Shiyou University); Nayyar Zaidi (Deakin University); Yishuo Zhang (Deakin University)*; Paul Montague (“DST, Australia”); Kim Junae (Defence Science and Technology Group); Gang Li (Deakin Univeristy, Australia)
LSG Attention: Extrapolation of pretrained Transformers to long sequences Charles Condevaux (Université de Nîmes)*; Sébastien HARISPE (IMT Mines Alès)
Maverick Matters: Client Contribution and Selection in Federated Learning Jiyue Huang (TU Delft)*; Chi Hong (TU Delft); Yang Liu (Tsinghua University); Lydia Chen (TU Delft); Stefanie Roos (TU Delft)
M-EBM: Towards Understanding the Manifolds of Energy-Based Models Xiulong Yang (Georgia State University)*; Shihao Ji (Georgia State University)
MetaCitta: Deep Meta-Learning for Spatio-Temporal Prediction Across Cities and Tasks Ashutosh Sao (L3S Research Center, Leibniz University Hannover)*; Simon Gottschalk (L3S); Nicolas Tempelmeier (Volkswagen AG); Elena Demidova (DSIS Research Group, University of Bonn)
Meta-learning Enhanced Next POI Recommendation by Leveraging Check-ins from Auxiliary Cities Jinze Wang (Macquarie University); Lu Zhang (Nanyang Technological University)*; Zhu Sun (A*STAR); Yew Soon Ong (Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang View, Singapore); Jie Zhang (Nanyang Technological University)
MFBE: Leveraging Multi-Field Information of FAQs for Efficient Dense Retrieval Mausam Jain (Rakuten)*; Debopriyo Banerjee (Rakuten); Ashish Kulkarni (Rakuten)
MIDFA : Memory-based Instance Division and Feature Aggregation Network for Video Object Detection Qiaochuan Chen (Shanghai University); Min Zhou (Shanghai University); Hang Yu (Shanghai University)*
Mining Frequent Sequential Subgraph Evolutions in Dynamic Attributed Graphs zhi cheng (Activus Group)*; Landy ANDRIAMAMPIANINA (Activus Group, Institut de Recherche en Informatique à Toulouse, Université Toulouse 1 Capitole); Franck Ravat (IRIT); Jiefu SONG (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse); Nathalie Vallès-Parlangeau (Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour); Philippe Fournier-Viger (Shenzhen University); Nazha Selmaoui-Folcher (University of New Caledonia)
MISNN: Multiple Imputation via Semi-parametric Neural Networks Zongyu Dai (University of Pennsylvania)*; Yiliang Zhang (University of Pennsylvania); Zhiqi Bu (University of Pennsylvania); Qi Long (University of Pennsylvania)
MixER: MLP-Mixer Knowledge Graph Embedding for Capturing Rich Entity-Relation Interactions in Link Prediction Thanh N Le (University of Science, VNU-HCM)*; Pham Ngoc Thien An (HCMUS); Tho Chung (University of Science, VNU-HCM); Truong Tat Nguyen (HCMUS-VNU); Tuan Nguyen (University of Science, VNU-HCM); Bac Le (University of Science, VNU-HCM)
Model-Agnostic Reachability Analysis on Deep Neural Networks Chi Zhang (University of Exeter)*; Wenjie Ruan (University of Exeter); Fu Wang (University of Exeter); Peipei Xu (University of Liverpool); Prof.Geyong Min (University Of Exeter); Xiaowei Huang (Liverpool University)
MPool: Motif-Based Graph Pooling Muhammad Ifte Islam (Oklahoma State University)*; Maxim A Khanov (OSU); Esra Akbas (Georgia State University)
Multi-Agent Meta-Reinforcement Learning with Coordination and Reward Shaping for Traffic Signal Control Xin Du (Sun Yat-sen University)*; Jiahai Wang (Sun Yat-sen University); Siyuan Chen (Sun Yat-sen University)
Multi-Augmentation Contrastive Learning as Multi-Objective Optimization for Graph Neural Networks Xu Li (Tongji University)*; yongsheng chen (Tongji University)
Multi-Behavior Guided Temporal Graph Attention Network for Recommendation Weijun Xu (Xiamen University); Han Li (Xiamen University); Meihong Wang (School of Informatics, Xiamen University)*
Multi-fair Capacitated Students-Topics Grouping Problem Tai Le Quy (L3S Research Center – Leibniz University Hannover)*; Gunnar Friege (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics – Leibniz University Hannover); Eirini Ntoutsi (Research Institute CODE – Bundeswehr University Munich)
Multi-task learning based Keywords weighted Siamese Model for semantic retrieval Mengmeng Kuang (Tencent Holdings Ltd.); Zhenhong Chen (Tencent Ltd.); Weiyan Wang (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)*; lie kang (tencent); Qiang Yan (Tencent); Min Tang (Tencent Holdings Ltd.); Penghui Hao (Tencent Holdings Ltd.)
Multi-Task Student Teacher based Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Address Parsing Rishav Sahay (Amazon)*; Anoop Saladi (amazon); Prateek Sircar (Amazon)
Online Volume Optimization for Notifications via Long Short-Term Value Modeling Yuchen Zhang (Tencent)*; Mingjun Zhao (University of Alberta); Chenglin Li (University of Alberta); Weiyu Tou (Tencent); Haolan Chen (Tencent); Di Niu (University of Alberta); Cunxiang Yin (Tencent); Yancheng He (Tencent); Fei Guo (Tencent)
Outlying Aspect Mining via Sum-Product Networks Stefan Lüdtke (University of Mannheim)*; Christian Bartelt (University of Mannheim ); Heiner Stuckenschmidt (University of Mannheim)
Petrel: Personalized Trend Line Estimation with Limited Labels from One Individual Tong-Yi Kuo (National Central University); Hung-Hsuan Chen (National Central University)*
pFedV: Mitigating Feature Distribution Skewness via Personalized Federated Learning with Variational Distribution Constraints Yongli Mou (RWTH Aachen University)*; Jiahui Geng (University of Stavanger); Feng Zhou (Renmin University of China); Oya Beyan (University of Cologne); Chunming Rong (University of Stavanger); Stefan Decker (RWTH Aachen University)
PICKD: In Context Prompt Tuning for Knowledge-Grounded Dialogue Generation Rajdeep Sarkar (National University of Ireland Galway)*; Koustava Goswami (Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Data Science Institute, National University of Ireland Galway); Mihael Arcan (Insight Centre for Data Analytics); John McCrae (National University of Ireland Galway)
Post-it: Augmented Reality Based Group Recommendation with Item Replacement Wei-Pin Wang (National Taiwan University); Hsi-Wen Chen (National Taiwan University)*; De-Nian Yang (Academia Sinica); Ming-Syan Chen (National Taiwan University)
Proactive Rumor Control: When Impression Counts xu pengfei (wuhan university)*; Zhiyong Peng (” Wuhan University, China”); Liwei Wang (Wuhan University)
Pure Spectral Graph Embeddings: Reinterpreting Graph Convolution for Top-N Recommendation Edoardo D’Amico (Insight Centre)*; Aonghus Lawlor (UCD); Neil Joseph Hurley (University College Dublin)
QA-Matcher: Unsupervised Entity Matching Using A Question Answering Model Shogo Hayashi (BizReach)*; Yuyang Dong (NEC); Masafumi Oyamada (NEC)
Quantifying the Bias of Transformer-Based Language Models for African American English in Masked Language Modeling Flavia Salutari (Telecom Paris); Jerome Ramos (University College London)*; Hossein A. Rahmani (University College London); Leonardo Linguaglossa (Telecom Paris); Aldo Lipani (University College London)
Quasi-periodicity Detection via the Repetition Invariance Property of Path Signatures Chenyang Wang (University of Melbourne)*; Ling Luo (University of Melbourne); Uwe Aickelin (The University of Melbourne)
Reduction from Complementary-Label Learning to Probability Estimates Wei-I Lin (National Taiwan University)*; Hsuan-Tien Lin (National Taiwan University)
Regularization of the policy updates for stabilizing Mean Field Games Talal Algumaei (Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence); Ruben Solozabal Ochoa de Retana (MBZUAI); Reda ALAMI (Technology Innovation Institute)*; Hakim Hacid (TII); Merouane A DEBBAH (Technology Innovation Institute); Martin Takac (MBZUAI)
Relation-Aware Network with Attention-Based Loss for Few-Shot Knowledge Graph Completion Qiao Qiao (Iowa State University)*; Yuepei Li (Iowa State University); Kang Zhou (Iowa State University); Qi Li (Iowa State University)
Relations between Adjacency and Modularity Graph Partitioning Hansi Jiang (SAS Institute Inc.)*; Carl Meyer (North Carolina State University)
RiskContra: A Contrastive Approach to Forecast Traffic Risks with Multi-Kernel Networks Changlu Chen (UTS)*; Yanbin Liu (The University of Western Australia); Ling Chen (” University of Technology, Sydney, Australia”); Chengqi Zhang (University of Technology Sydney)
RLMixer: A Reinforcement Learning approach for integrated ranking with contrastive user preference modeling Jing WANG (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)*; Mengchen Zhao (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab); Wei Xia (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab); Zhenhua Dong (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab); Ruiming Tang (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab); Rui Zhang (; Jianye Hao (Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab); Guangyong Chen (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Pheng-Ann Heng (The Chinese Univsersity of Hong Kong)
RL-Net: Interpretable Rule Learning with Neural Networks Lucile Dierckx (Université Catholique de Louvain, BE)*; Rosana Veroneze (Université Catholique de Louvain, BE); Siegfried Nijssen (Université Catholique de Louvain, BE)
Road Network Representation Learning with Vehicle Trajectories Stefan Schestakov (L3S Research Center, Leibniz University Hannover)*; Paul Heinemeyer (Leibniz University Hannover ); Elena Demidova (DSIS Research Group, University of Bonn)
Selecting the Number of Clusters $K$ with a Stability Trade-off: an Internal Validation Criterion Alex AM Mourer (SAMM, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne); Florent Forest (LIPN, Université Sorbonne Paris Nord)*; Mustapha Lebbah (DAVID Lab, University of Versailles, Université Paris-Saclay,); Hanane Azzag (LIPN, University Paris 13); LACAILLE Jerome (-)
Semantic Relation Transfer for Non-overlapped Cross-domain Recommendations Zhi Li (osaka university)*; Daichi Amagata (Osaka University); Yihong Zhang (Osaka University); Takahiro Hara (Osaka University, Japan); Shuichiro Haruta (KDDI Research, Inc.); Kei Yonekawa (KDDI Research, Inc.); Mori Kurokawa (KDDI Research, Inc.)
Semi-supervised Text Classification via Self-Paced Semantic-Level Contrast Yu Xia (Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences)*; Kai Zhang (realsee); Kaijie Zhou (University of Liverpool); Rui Wang (Science and Technology on Integrated Information System Laboratory, Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences); Xiaohui Hu ( Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Small Temperature is All You Need for Differentiable Architecture Search Jiuling Zhang (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences)*; Zhiming Ding (ISCAS)
Staying or Leaving: A Knowledge-Enhanced User Simulator for Reinforcement Learning Based Short Video Recommendation Zhaoqi Yang (Tsinghua University)*; Hongyan Liu (Tsinghua University)
Stochastic Submodular Maximization via Polynomial Estimators Gozde Ozcan (Northeastern University)*; Stratis Ioannidis (Northeastern University)
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UPGAT: Uncertainty-Aware Pseudo-Neighbor Augmented Knowledge Graph Attention Network Yen Ching Tseng (National Taiwan University)*; Zhu-Mu Chen (National Taiwan University); Mi-Yen Yeh (Academia Sinica); Shou-De Lin (NTU)
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